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PC Entree for Business

PC Entree will help you to save 25% of your company money

If your employee spends 2 hours (25% of their work time) a day on the non job related activities (visiting Facebook , Youtube, etc.) – that is 2×5 = 10 hours a week or 52×10/8 = 65 work days (or 3 month) a year spent on Facebook and you pay your employees for visiting Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. Is that what your business needed?With PC Entree you can completely Block Facebook or any other social networks website. You can also control maximum access time or create access schedule for any website (say allow access to Twitter or Facebook only during lunch time).

PC Entree will help you to save money on Internet Traffic

Youtube and Picasa are very popular websites to share videos and photos and many employees spend a lot of time by watching videos or photos sent by other employees or their friends. All these video and photos are wasting your Internet traffic that you pay for.PC Entree will help you to completely block or limit time your employees spent on Facebook, Youtube, Picasa or other video/photo sharing websites. You will spend less money on the Internet Traffic.


PC Entree for Home

As a parent, ask yourself these questions:

Is your child becoming addicted to online gaming, social networking such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter?Are internet activities getting in the way of school work?Does your child share files over the internet?

Did your child forsake other activities once enjoyed for the internet?

Do you know how much time your child spends online?

Do you have any Internet Filter, Internet Timer or Content Filter installed on your child’s PC?If your child is already accessing questionable unfiltered web content…

if your child doesn’t tell you of inappropriate contacts and most children won’t

if your child has received messages online from strangers and most children have

if your child is not careful of giving out personal info and most children are not

if your child likes to watch things you want restricted like pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol and violence…

if you think your child is too tech-savvy for his or her own good…

if you child knows how to disable adult content filter on the internet provided by search engines…

if you think you should limit what your child views online…

Then PC Entree is just for you!


What you can do with PC Entree?


Q: I do not want to restrict Internet access altogether, can I limit just the Internet browsing time?
A: Yes! You can limit Internet usage time all at once or just restrict certain Internet activities. For example, you can limit Web browsing time, but have access to your email program with no limitations.

Q: Can I restrict (block) only certain websites, such as pornography or social networking while continue having access to other non restricted websites at the same time?
A: Yes, you can block certain website, or limit time spent on certain web site only. For example, you can limit Facebook, Twitter, MSN or Skype time to 1 hour a day.

Q: Do I have to know the names of all web sites I want to block?
A: No, you can block website by name, but you can also block the sites by entering the key words (we have the suggested list for the most common ones). PC Entree will automatically add website to a blocked list if restricted key words were detected.

Q: Can I set up a different schedule for different days of the week?
A: Yes, you can setup different schedule for each day of the week.

Q: I have two or more people using same computer, can I set up different rules for everyone?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I block certain programs installed on a computer with PC Entree?
A: Yes!

Q: Can I shut down the computer altogether after time is up?
A: Yes!

Q: Will I see which sites were visited by the PC users?
A: Yes, you will have access to User Activity reports (visited websites, programs or games played on a computer).

Q: Can I install PC Entree on a remote computer?
A: Yes, you can use MS System Center Configuration Manager to install Entree remotely.


What are the main PC Entree features?

-   Limit Access Time or block access to websites (separate schedule for a website or a group of websites).
-   Schedule or block access to any software program or a group of programs installed on a computer.
-   Set Maximum Computer Access time for any PC user for any day of the week.
-   Filter Web Content or completely block access to inappropriate websites (block by URL, IP address, word or list of words).
-   Create multiple schedules per day, Separate schedule for each day of the week, Separate rules for each PC user
-   Add additional users to a PC with preselected age restrictions
-   Receive User Activity reports (visited websites, programs or games played on a computer).
-   Installed software to a remote PC from a central administrator (using MS System Center Configuration Manager) .

PC Entree is a result of combination our smart parental controls such as PC Timer – Ez OFF, Internet access limiter – Ez Internet Timer and Ez Content Control.

We designed a versatile program that is capable to limit or block access to Facebook,  Twitter or another social networking sites, limit or block access to messengers (MSN, Skype, ICQ). You can define maximum allowed access time for any website or a group of websites.

With it’s Smart Internet Content Filter technology, PC Entree is able to filter internet content on the fly and block all unwanted Web content, it will automatically add to a blocked list any website that has word or phrase you wanted to block.

PC Entree can help you to limit time spent on online games or any game installed on a computer.
You can schedule computer access time for each computer user. Now it is so easy to set allowed PC use time or just set maximum time for each day of the week.

PC Entree works with Windows 7, Vista and XP 32 and 64 bit editions. Fully functional in Windows “safe mode”.

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